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About Us

Ochoa InfoSec is a boutique cybersecurity consulting firm that specializes in partnering with our clients to deliver services to meet their business needs. We offer both tactical solutions, as well as helping our clients develop their long-term cybersecurity roadmaps. We have a team of battle-tested practitioners that have “been there, done that” from hunting IOCs across the network, building a world-class SOC/NOC, developing security awareness programs, all the way up to presenting to and partnering with the highest levels of executive leadership.

We recognize that each client faces unique challenges that must balance business needs, operational risk, compliance risk, and cyber risk. Our goal is to be your trusted advisor that can not only help you out on a “bad day” but can understand your challenges and help you develop a solid foundation that you can continue to build upon for years to come.

Get in touch today, we look forward to helping you and your organization develop and achieve your cybersecurity goals.

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